Choose the Mindfulness Course

for you

The 8 week Mindfulness Course

The 8 week mindfulness course can be taught to individuals or in a group. It is important to think about what would benefit you most? Working in a small group of people can help us to learn from other’s experiences, share our learning and feel supported within a group of people. Or you may prefer to learn Mindfulness on your own on a 1-1 basis.

I am happy to discuss this with you to help you decide which route would be more beneficial for you.

What does it teach us

Mindfulness is not a form of therapy, counselling or psychotherapy. It is a course which teaches us new tools and techniques that we can apply to our daily lives that benefit us and those around us. Learning about Mindfulness can sometimes touch on difficult experiences from our past.

I am available to talk through any issues that arise during this process and support you (via email check ins or phone calls between our sessions).
I actively encourage participants to engage with their support network during this course (friends, partner, family, therapist).

The Group Course

The Individual Courses