Benefits of Mindfulness

Experience life

By being engaged in the present moment/here and now we are able to fully experience each moment of our life.

We are less likely to project our mind into our past and spend minutes, hours and huge portions of our life thinking, analysing and ruminating over what we did or didn’t do in the past.

We are less likely to project our minds into the future and obsessively run imaginary simulations and narratives of events and scenarios that haven’t even happened yet or more often than not, will never happen.

The benefit of being more mindful means that we start to be the observer and the witness to our experiences instead of being emotionally reactive to the world around us.

We develop an appreciation and become more loving, kinder, accepting and less judgemental of ourselves and others around us.

Benefits of mindfulness backed by research


Mindfulness helps reduce anxiety.

Mindfulness helps reduce depression.

Mindfulness helps reduce psychological distress and improve wellbeing.

Mindfulness helps to reduce negative mood and symptoms
of stress in cancer patients.

Long term mindfulness practice helps reduce
symptoms of anxiety disorders.

Mindfulness helps reduce anxiety symptoms.

Mindfulness helps to manage Tinnitus.